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April 2015

Weymouth - Paul Green Room

The Arrows of Doubt Strike Early

I returned yesterday from my magical residency at Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities​ where I started a brand new novel. This morning I got up excited to resume the routine of making coffee and sitting down with my laptop and my WIP. I made the mistake of opening …

PLE of Carolyn Burns Bass

Still the Girl With the Encylopedia

After my dad gave up sword swallowing, he became a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman for the American People’s Encyclopedia. We were probably the only family in America that had a complete set of current encyclopedias along with a rack of sabres, cutlasses and scimitars. My earliest reading adventures took place within …

I Discovered This About Procrastination

Why do writers procrastinate? Why do we avoid the task we say we love? As if looking at a wordless page might blight our vision? In fact, once those words hit the page, our vision begins to take shape. Could it be we fear the vision? Certainly not the vision, …