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Southwest Cucumber Salad

What do you do when you miss a couple of days at the vegetable garden and your cucumbers look like this? And when your tomatoes have not yet ripened to make gazpacho with those cucumbers? I have that problem right now. Because of the late frosts in our region of …

Dill Pickles - 2015

Recipe Time: Refrigerator Dill Pickles

I posted this photo on Facebook last week and several of my family and friends asked for the recipe. I couldn’t post it right away because my recipe is a conglomeration of family and online sources. My grandmother used to make a variety of these pickles which we often ate like …

Chicken Tarragon Pie

Tarragon Chicken Pie

Tarragon Chicken Pie (Based on an English recipe by Dan Lepard at GoodFood) My friend Karen L sent me this luscious sounding recipe from a British website and I had to try it on this rainy cold October night. The original recipe by Dan Lepard called vermouth, but with none …