Use the drop down menus to see breakouts of my work, including my children’s book, Sarah’s Sacrifice, my short story, “Still Life With Lovers,” and an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Whispering Nights.

I am thrilled that my short story, “Sketches Past and Present” was a finalist for the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award for short prose and is published in the anthology Best New Writing 2013. You can buy the anthology from Amazon here.

“Something’s Different About Sheila,” an excerpt from my novel, THE SWORD SWALLOWER’S DAUGHTER, appeared in the February 12, 2012 edition of MetroMom’s Fiction.

Look for a flash excerpt from THE SWORD SWALLOWER’S DAUGHTER, in the October 2007 issue of
Breath & Shadow.

My short story, “Experienced Only Need Apply,” appears in the Summer 2007 edition of The Rose & Thorn.

I have participated in the short story competitions held at the writer’s forums at Backspace.

First place:

  • BIRDIE’S GIRL (Contest #7)
  • SKETCHES (Contest #15)
  • STILL LIFE (tie, Contest #19)

Second place:

  • ANGELS DON’T HAVE WINGS(Contest #16)

Third place:

  • A PENNY AND A POSTCARD(Contest #4)