Memorial Day Memory

Memorial DayWhen we lived in California we attended a Memorial Day observance service at a local cemetery. After the service BassMan, a Marine, would walk around the veteran’s section and salute all of the USMC graves. Our son, Jonathan, now in the Air Force, would follow him around giving his own salutes. One year a reporter from local newspaper, The Daily Bulletin, snapped a shot of Jonathan and BassMan in their saluting ritual. The photo and a caption identifying them appeared in the next day’s Memorial Day recap. I have that story and photo somewhere in my archives, but alas, it’s stored somewhere in the boxes I have yet to unpack since our move to North Carolina three years ago.

I created this image from a photo I took of Jonathan during one of those Memorial Day excursions to Bellevue Cemetery, Ontario, California in 1997. He was seven years old in the photo.