The 7-7-7 Author’s Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Brian Howe n the 7-7-7 author’s challenge… Go to page 7 (or 77) of what you’re writing. Count down 7 lines. Then copy and paste the next 7 lines in your status. And name 7 more authors who you’d like to come out and play. Here are the lines from page 7 of THE SWORD SWALLOWER’S DAUGHTER:

…handcuffs become a clown’s strong grip, the angel’s wings melt into a flannel nightgown. The face hovering above me is no longer Leroy’s, but a leering red grin, the stench of liquor assails my nose. I want to vomit, but when I open my mouth nothing escapes—not even a scream. Opening my eyes to the Palos Verdes sunshine, I’m relieved to see the top of Leroy’s blond head. Safe. If I could purge the dark memories and replace them with the sweetness of Leroy’s tongue upon my breast, I’d be free. But something chains me as surely as the cuffs on that angel.

I named my seven other authors in Facebook.

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