Yes, I Cook for My Dogs

Tank -- Jack Russell Terrier

Tank, our Jack Russell terrier has been with us since he was six weeks old.

As much as I hate to face it, my beloved pups are getting older as I get older. Tank turned 13 in August, Buck is about the same age (he was about 3 years old when we rescued him about 10 years ago) and Kiki,  was between 6 and 10 years when we rescue/adopted her three years ago. We’ve noticed all of them have slowed down, each of them not as anxious to jump when I say “squirrel” or “crow” as they once were.

All of them put on weight in the last couple of years and need to be watched for signs of diabetes and other diseases that crop up in senior dogs.

Our Rescue Dogs

Kiki (chihuahua) and Buck (lab/beagle mix) are our beloved rescues.

After looking at food alternatives, I’ve developed a recipe for a high protein/low glycemic dog food. After making this and serving it to them daily for two months now, I’ve seen weight dropping slowly on each of the dogs and energy levels seem to be rising.

My husband came home while I was making it the first time and sniffed the air, looked around, then said, “What smells so good?”

When I told him it was dog food, he looked into my large pot and said, “Looks good enough for tonight’s dinner.”

Now BassMan is my assistant on dog food day when I cook up 42 lbs of dog food and store it in gallon-size freezer bags.

High Protein/Low Glycemic Dog Food

This recipe was researched and tested on my animals.

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1 gallon water

6 lbs ground turkey

4 lbs chana dal

2 lbs navy beans

2 lbs cut okra

2 lbs sliced carrots

2 lbs chopped spinach

2 lbs green beans

1 29 oz can pureed pumpkin

1 lb beef liver


  1. You will need a 5-gallon pot or bucket for combining all ingredients.
  2. Cook chana dal and navy beans with 1 gallon water in large pot until soft and water is completely absorbed. Add to large pot.
  3. Brown turkey in skillet and place into large pot.
  4. Cut liver into cubes and brown in skillet, add to large pot.
  5. Boil carrots until semi-soft (not mushy), add to large pot, stir.
  6. Add spinach, okra, green beans into large pot (raw or frozen) and stir.
  7. Mix all ingredients well. Portion into gallon sized containers. Freeze each container and remove from freezer one day prior to defrost in refrigerator.
Cuisine: dog food | Recipe Type: high protein, low glycemic